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This is just an example of some of the courses offered at URSA

S.H. Field / Subject Class example
  Science & Sociology:  
5 Causes of mutations Incest among different generations
3 Psychology 100 What exactly is a brain?
3 Psychology 101 How to use the brain
5 Yankee 100
How to understand the American 
i.e. wottah: H2O
2 Southern lang. 100
How to understand your pet 
i.e. jaeet?: Did you eat?
3 Calc. 100 What exactly does a calculator do?
3 Calc. 101 Intro to the general calculator
5 Calc. 201 (Upper level course) Powering on the general calculator 
3 American civil war Find out what you've been arguin' bout
7 Family tree The Alabama family tree

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